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Je m'appelle Frédéric Faravel. Je suis né le 11 février 1974 à Sarcelles dans le Val-d'Oise. Je vis à Bezons dans le Val-d'Oise. Militant socialiste au sein de la Gauche Républicaine & Socialiste. Vous pouvez aussi consulter ma chaîne YouTube. J'anime aussi le groupe d'opposition municipale de gauche "Vivons Bezons" et je suis membre du groupe d'opposition de gauche ACES à la communauté d'agglomération Saint-Germain/Boucle-de-Seine.
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6 février 2007 2 06 /02 /février /2007 14:53
Un lieutenant américain exemplaire met en cause l'administration Bush sur la guerre en Irak. Promis à un brillant avenir, il préfère néanmoins risquer la prison pour conserver son honneur.
Bel exemple...


Court Martial Set for February 5

On June 22, 2006, U.S. Army 1st Lieutenant Ehren K. Watada stepped forward as the first commissioned officer to publicly refuse deployment to the Iraq War and occupation. He faces court martial and up to 4 years imprisonment (reduced from an original 6 years maximum) for refusing to deploy and for speaking out against a war that he believes is illegal. 

Produced by David Rothmiller & Trick Dog Films, Inc. 

In support of his courageous action, the Lt. Ehren Watada Campaign is working to educate and broaden the dialog on constitutional rights. The campaign is also involved with mobilizing grassroots action to insure that our government upholds Lt. Watada's right to speak out and refuse to participate in illegal military action in Iraq.

Help us educate and mobilize others by signing the petition and making a donation to the Lt Watada defense fund. 

Feb 5 National Day of Action

On Monday, February 5, 2007 take action against the Iraq war and in support of Lt. Watada during his military court martial.  Stand up with Lt. Watada and speak out against the illegal and immoral war!  Join the national movement and organize student walkouts and non-violent demonstrations.  Together, let's build a mass movement in the streets, in our schools, and in our communities to end the Iraq War.  On Feb. 5, 2007 rally at the gates of Fort Lewis, Washington or in your local community. Read more about the National Day of Action.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 04 February 2007 )

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